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Action of the person

Thinking we act, operating we think.The product created by us this mirror of thought and psychomotor processes, is a criterion of quality of your talent.What justifies our life Action.Created a product of actions.Action of the person basic concept of our research of the mechanism of talent.Except these concepts, we, dear reader, will use not only psychological, but we will borrow concepts from other sciences more precisely to display the mechanism of talent and on this basis to show it at people from the kid to the old man and to develop it.SOUL DEVICEWe are convinced anybody from us does not know that such smothering.

Known psychologist

Having understood it, she wrote about it the book the book how to grow up children the happy.Known psychologist John Holt told about it If there is a book which could save the world, this book before you.These words not the exaggeration, after all all variety of the most terrible problems of mankind wars, crime, suicides; poverty, hunger, diseases; depressions, drug addiction and alcoholism; pollution and nature destruction only manifestation of internal trouble of the modern person.And as the happiness or misfortune begin in the same place where also new life since the birth and education of the child, that, correctly treating children, we not only provide with it mental wellbeing on all life, but also we take the first and most important step to more joyful and human society organization, to the world without violence and suffering.

If during exercise

This exercise is best of all for carrying out in groups,long time working together, in which participants wellknow each other.If during exercise it is impossible to leave onthe street, required subjects can be drawn and cut out.K.Fopel, book SUCCESS PRICEHamlinPurposesEach of us puts energy in achievement of the purposes,including because wants to receive from it anyadvantage.But often we do not understand advantages, whichgives us achievement of this or that purpose, and we do not reflectabout consequences.Exercise helps young people osoz these interrelations.


I always answered approximately so I think that does not follow to them to stir about everything that mind will climb up; but smyslenno and at the same time it is cruel to demand from them during all meal.Stirring too , they badly eat; and if they cannot at all, to them becomes boringly, and the family dinner becomes for them burdensome that too not the best.With the gy party, unless time of a meal does not represent fight the moment when the father can stay with the which so sees during other day a little If he loves them and is interested in them, let rummages to teach them to new things which can be are interesting to them, instead of for him; let it learns them to speak correctly, and also it is clear, exact and teresno.

So, the child

The aspiration to profit, have benefit including material pushes the child to use power extortion threats.The child understood each person has a secret, there are big and small sins which it persistently hides.So, the child thinks, it is necessary about them to learn and threaten with disclosure, and then it is not necessary neither to persuade, nor to ask, neither to cajole, nor to flatter it is possible without efforts to receive everything that you wish.Then guesses that all this can be had and under other circumstances threat, fear.The invented, compromising data work smoothly.And what can be more terrible than fearThe better blackmail works, the more child is fond of it.


His view of the Universe and of relationship with Another inevitably changes with development in process of concept growing about time.Therefore, concepts of representatives of different age groups are absolutely excellent from each other.In spite of the fact that for quite some time now became fashionable to discuss different questions with children and to reflect together, between values and concepts of the child of six years and the adult of thirty years there is an insuperable abyss.Language a little than can help with mutual understanding establishment between them.It is interesting to notice that among language communication between adults and children is reduced to the simplest phrases of type Wait here or Submit me it.

Thus, in what

And ideas and crushed this grant are based on the knowledge received from mnogy sources as, in our opinion, is not present any about grams of development of the identity of the child which would contain gotovy solutions of all problems.Authors give the description of approximate occupations with the kid of the house in an everyday life.We think that an offered material on can find to parents positive approaches to development konkretno their child.Thus, in what direction will go development the child, depends on adults rather from their relation to it to actions.And active participation of adults in education the child it is not obligatory intervention and control.

And the child

Yielding to force this habit, the child affects its basis and in communication with the teacher, adults, with friends; with a class, with society.What turns out, conscience of the person becomes less sensitiveNo, not so; conscience becomes less.And whether the child knows, what his actions are immoral Knows.But feelings intellectual, moral and esthetic at it are weak, and the habit eating emotions to immoral actions is stronger.And the child uses cunnin the habit gradually gets the best.BlackmailNothing occurs without intention, without the purpose.Absence of desire to work, study, something to do because does not suffice on the one hand, and with another not less strong desire of pleasure.

The hospital

One of them as it was described earlier, this neutralized action, comparable with that effect which has punishment for simplification of intolerable sense of guilt.At the moments of a special need in emotional support the continuum can cause in us the physical disease meaning that others will assume care of the patient, leaving and care which is difficult for receiving to the healthy adult.This leaving can carry out as members of the family, friends, and hospital.The hospital though seems something faceless, actually puts the patient in position of the child.It can be the personnel or treat in the old manner, however the hospital assumes responsibility for feedin and also makes for it all decisions that is so similar to the relation to it in due time indifferent mother.

You canto

This very fascinating exercise.You canto enrich it if will give teenagers opportunity syghost of this or that of the guests.Other teenager should insuch case to play a host role.It on not only it is better to participants to understand and feel Wad Dra gy but also to communicate to the celebrated personality and, maybe,to borrow some of its fig.Working leafTea togetherImagine that you have seven coupons, on which youyou can pay a dinner for two at any restaurant of the world.


Besides, the regular or single use of drugs becomes an obstacle to social contacts always.Communication with agemates so important for normal psychological development of the teenager that it is possible to tell with full confidence the teenager without friends the problem teenager needing the professional help.Pupils of the senior classes among whom we carried out the researches, told that their many acquaintances were ready to go absolutely on everything to get to themselves popularity among schoolmates.


Personally I, as a rule, accepted opinion of the tutor.And though it seems to the child that the tutor is wron unfair, and in general occurring in group to it it not to be pleasant to a neck, the exit is not present – as the parent I it should be solidary with group and the tutor and only so to operate.Therefore we should bring up parents, that they were well informed.Thereby we receive the double prize, bringing up as well parents.So occurs in all societies.and.In what measure I give the daughter or the son in educational systeml m There is no such! Well, if only he does not study in in.For example, my son lived in a boarding school and came to my time in two weeks.

To them becomes

And so children naturally it will be sucked in , they will create the correct understanding of complexity world, integrated dependence of all its parts.To them becomes it is clear that if the whole world works for one person, and the person should make the contribution to the general.They simply will be to see that behind each our simplest action, as, for example, to buy something in shop or to drink a cup of coffee in the cafe, costs work of a set of systems.and.Instead of bringing up them as consume tel, you offer much wider approach.m Such approach correctly adjusts the person on to the relation to the world.

Thus, generally

Thus, generally the addict suffers from refusal of heroin counter to furious requirements of an organism, contrary to pain and intolerable tortures of withdrawal pains anew to receive high.He knows in advance that sooner or later it again should pass through seven circles of a hell, but it at all does not frighten off it.But why If they can get rid of the dependence, why again to get used to drug What is this high, than it is so attractive, what even simply memories of it compel hundreds thousands people to refuse dru again to get used, play with death, to steal, be engaged in prostitution, to desert the house and a family and everythin what to them was expensiveIn my opinion, this fatal bent for to high did not understand up to the end.

In a pursuit

In a pursuit of this nezamutnenny feeling of own life, takovost of all surroundin perception of the world without necessity of a choice and comparisons such what it is, the person thought up rituals and systems by means of which it is possible to stop thinking process.He invented ways how to bridle continuous gallop of thoughts, to plunge into the world and it is simple to be.The person began to train the consciousness by means of concentration on feeling of the emptiness, any subject or a word, a prayer or exercise.

One are afraid

In psychiatry shyness is considered the social phobia which main manifestations are the constant irrational fear and desire in any way to avoid situations, in which the person is exposed to close attention from people around.Sometimes the shy and timid behavior is dictated by fear to cause inconvenience to another, to lead so that the interlocutor can feel humiliated or offended.One are afraid of spiders or snakes, others are frightened by height and planes.At presence of dangerous object, the concern rises a wave in the person and threatens to overflow it with the head if it does not find a secret way out and will not run out through it.

Do not do of food

Also answer this recognition.How As at lovers Zaryana and Nina Nekrasova.What to do, if.imnost.As answered, when it was very absolutely small.But it is already separate conversation about unconditional love which is above all necessary to our children.Do not do of food a cult! It told, how you remember, the great adventurer of Bendery, but such words can be hung out in each house where there lives the unappetizing child.Harmfully it is usefulWhen children have stomachs and companies is do not want, then at once parents come to the rescue of them.

Remember that, perhaps, it costed

If you are invited not nice to you by the person, you are not obliged to accept the invitation not so.But, refusin you should be polite.Remember that, perhaps, it costed to it considerable efforts.COUNCILS FOR FIRSTYEAR STUDENTSBesides that your main objective is good study and the successful termination of institute, there is time to think that else useful it is possible to take from this time.Namely, as study in college can help to overcome your shyness and to develop skills of communication.Within these fourfive years at you will be much more possibilities for improvement of skills of communication, than during any other period of your life.

For timid

I very seriously treat that I do he told but I do not perceive seriously myself.In this case we deal with an antithesis of the motto proclaimed by any timid person I cannot seriously treat that I do as I too seriously treat myself.For timid people it is very difficult to concentrate completely on any task, after all they always to itself.Therefore the majority of them is not capable to enjoy really game, dance, performance, any other occupation.While other people are completely dissolved in the events as participants or as the audience, timid people are more anxious with impression which they make on people around.


However, instead of denying them, it is necessary to reconsider anew the life and to find new possibilities of overcoming of difficulties which we should face.Having released from restrictions of own feelings, we as parents, we can help to enter the into a maturity, having kept in inviolability reliable system of internal management.Emotional lifesaver The emotional lifesaver will help us to isolate, what emotions are tested by our sons and that they actually want.Feelings the true and covering form two ends of this stick.

As option, it is possible

Choose quiet time for game.Sit down closer to rebenka also ask to keep silent, close eyes and it is attentive at to obey.What do you hear Probably, there will pass minute, that to be adjusted on sounds round you, and you can soon distinguish a tikanye of hours, noise passed by the car, singing of a birdie, someone's whistle.Teach the child to listen attentively and to call sounds which he learned.As option, it is possible to listen to sounds in park, on the street.The games including hearin help children to concentrate on one feeling hearing; to expand idea of world around; to learn to distinguish one sound from another; to look for a word for the description of that they hear; to enjoy your society.

On the other

We automatically press brakes when we see litup brake fires going ahead of the car.These habits help us to go without failures.On the other hand, Michael when is nervous, gnaws round nails to meat.Jordan when it annoys, blows up and the first comer under a hand.These habits are unripe forms of behavior and can deliver to owners many problems.We make to the sons a huge gift when we help them to learn to show the feelings and meaningly to operate the behavior at that level of a maturity which corresponds to their age.The understanding of laws of development of feelings will render them and to us the effective help when in adolescence testosterone will start to excite them.

And differently

After all all our wealth is our inner world.and.Differently, the child not simply listens another, and it is ready to apprehend his opinion which he considers not less important, than the m If I know that I change, I want this hour to see the changes by means of the others.And differently what to me will help to become tomorrow another Only mine .Teenagers want changesDifferently, if during halfhour discussion I will incorporate opinions of all people around, it is not necessary to me to wait month two, or, maybe, year two, while in me about any changes.Probably, for these half an hour I at I will find that differently could not receive and for some years! It will impulse me to development! After all thanks to what we me Only thanks to an environment.

There is a question

The formula of such creative activity arises also Person! Create itself and the nature to measures of harmony of truth, harmony of good, harmony of beauty.Execute the natural mission become the creator.There is a question and on what material the pupil can study to become the full participant of noosferny process the creatorLet's call the main subjects from which the school student can scoop effective semantic and expressional information nature; public life; science; art; equipment andtechnology.At the same time they is subjects for polishing of an edge of criticality of soul thinkin feelings and imagination, a psychomotility and are provided with necessary energy from tanks , saved up in noosphere products.

But a double

Therefore, when you ask your opinion concerning this or that book, the film, lecture, food, consider the answer.What it is pleasant to you And what is not present What was in it unusualWhat was in it banal More often timid people give terse answers it is pleasant or it is not pleasant.Few things in the world are so simple.But a double obstacle for timid people is that they do not want to draw to themselves attention because are afraid that about them will negatively respond.And even if they overcome this fear, they still have feeling of uncertainty that people want to hear their opinion.


A little moving mother gives to the kid idea of life as about something boring and viscous that causes in it restlessness and fussiness signs of a lack of stimulation from mother.It will fidget and jump up on her knees, showing the desires, or to wave a hand, suggesting mother to move quicker.Similarly if mother treats the child as if to a fragile crystal vase, to it will seem that it such is and is.And on the contrary, rough and discourteous treatment will allow it to feel stron hardy, able to adapt to any conditions and situations.This feeling of fragility, weakness and vulnerability is not simply unpleasant to the child, it disturbs further development and creates problems at advanced age.

After all actually

But, probably, you should undertake more serious steps.It is necessary to change a view of the timid child of world around by means of socalled informative restructuring.The child should not think that the whole world consists of critics who, like sharks, only and do that wait for any careless step from its party.After all actually round us million people it would be very pleasant to them to get acquainted and make friends with it who would like to share with it pleasure of life, but it does not give them uniform chance.It is impossible to lose pleasure to swim for a while in the lake if you know that somewhere away sharks are found in the ocean!It is necessary, that the child understood that every cloud has a silver lining and that first of all he saw after all good, instead of poorly.

You, as usual, speak

For example, speak Give you there will be parovoziky, and I a carriage.Thatthat, went! It is possible, the kid slightly and will rebel, but for a long time it will not suffice new razvlekalochka! as it is healthy! I do not want home!You do not deprive of the child of interesting game,you offer replacement and too interesting so why to it to resist And still.You, as usual, speak business tova Vanechka, we will go home!, and Vanechka does not wishMeans, for a start these words are better for passing in general.If the child went to game with the head, join in game andyou.To Pofyrchita as , also stretch to the kidcorbel or scarf, offer Cling rather, went,the carriage, that is thatthat.

Tequi. it is a question

And always

As then it became clear, the girl teased it the cripple.The boy really was a disabled person, it had problems with feet.Though it certainly also should not beat the girl, however he can be understood.Therefore before punishing the child, take an interest at it why it broke one of your rules.And always specify circumstances sometimes softening each concrete situation.Perhaps, your child was inattentive at a lesson as ahead of time carried out a task and to it it was simple boringly Timid people too are inclined to underestimate or even completely to ignore value of circumstances and their influence on behavior of the person.

Such dual

With a certain age this obsession passes, and teenagers start to realize that the majority of people not only do not watch them, but them at all does not excite that you do, think and feel.Understanding of it reduces shyness level, though offends to everyone in soul the narcissism, would be desirable for everyone, that to it paid attention.Such dual look is often observed among timid children and adults I would like to be the focus of attention, would like, that people paid to me attention, but I do not want, that me estimated or rejected.AS IT IS IMPORTANT TO BE POPULARPopularity at school it everything.

I though

friend Anal Connie from Myrtle Bich, the State of North Carolina, trains year after year teams of girls of high schools for competitions on track and field athletics.Boys always dangle nearby.He speaks Many of them not so such hooligans as seem.They look for a role, they play a role, but actually they only approach to you and speak faugh!.As soon as I understood it, I simply began to speakOkholon, guy! also it is sensitive them I tease.I though resolute, but kind, and this main thing.To teenage boys to whom I talked, it is necessary to struggle with different feelings including anger.

It is important, that

In the course of clothing the adult accents a voice and intonatsiit This shirt we will put on Sascha, and this skirt we will put on Masha.It is important, that as a result of repetitions the child understood that someone dress, and something put on.Occupation WHOSE CHILDREN The adult shows to the child of the picture with images zhithe wadded cats, doggies, kid, cow.The child calls zhiwadded, guessin they publish what sounds.Then adult predla to play in game Whose children, when it is necessary to pick up to pictures animals adults the pictures representing their cubs.

But there is a question

Soon after it improves To sit, went, it is impossible, not ! Further more imperiously I demand! I order! To be silent!You will tell can, it is a question of the rough and illbred child.Perhaps it is situational, and consequently shortterm reaction, accident No.Such behavior highlights the deep acquired essence of the child.But there is a question what reasons push on such behavior That the child such actions if they contradict another's willHe purposely meaningly acts and in own favor.Why Because aspires to satisfy needs for selfaffirmation.

If you are not sure

However hardly exists on the earth though one person who though time stood and quietly looked at how offend his son or the daughter.Before undertaking any actions, be convinced that really unfairly offended your child.If you are not sure of it, provide to him to solve the problems.Otherwise he will get used to that you are engaged in its problems, or will subconsciously consider that it is not capable to consult with one task.We want, that our children were selfassured, independent and independent.READINESS TO RUN RISKSOne of ways of fight against children's shyness consists in that something to occupy the child, to find to it any compensating occupation which would promote increase of his selfconfidence through success which he could achieve for example, try to write down it in music school, in dancing school, on gymnastics, dressmaking lessons etc.

I brought

She wanted, that I issued a room in green tones.I was rushed off the feet, but found green wallpaper, carpets, textiles.I brought home on is exemplary that, another and the third that Linda herself chose that is pleasant to it more.As a result at us the remarkable room turned out, Linda's all friends were delighted simply.As it became clear later, behind complaints of the daughter this woman could not catch five main words I do not want to be adult.I almost did not hear it and thought only of what Linda appeared ungrateful.

And it is possible

You can find advertizing of such cartridges in any issue of the magazine of Psychology Today from which parents in general can gather a lot of the useful.And it is possible to manage and without these cartridges.It is rather convenient to set the child, to ask it to close eyes and a quiet, pacifying voice to tell about how the soft wave of a relaxation passes through all his body, through all his muscles, consistently calling each part of a body feet, hands, back, shoulders, person etc.

The child

The child is with satisfaction arranged on a bend of a parent hand and fills up.Composition on life of the modern African village The communication described above between mother and the baby is so strong that, it is necessary to the child to move or in a special way, mother already knows that it is necessary for it.This sketch describes close proximity in which modern parents are difficult for believing.But the boy needs such degree of proximity with mother or the father to raise and blossom.

And. Ulyanov


The feeling naturally reaches the culmination, peak, from where it starts to weaken, then enters into a zone of clear vision.The zone of clear vision allows to get into an essence of the problem which has become the reason of feeling.Feeling interruption by a method of derivation or it on pressure at the expense of fear or a consciousness of the guilt leads to emergence of emotional and physical frustration see the following section.Feelings represent the internal, hidden work of soul and do not demand movements.The behavior is not connected with feelings directly.

As with them

As with them to work at the initial stage as them to connect and m First of all, without pressure, as on the to the nature the woman very strongly feels the I.It iskho from nature laws according to which the woman is the individual that, by the way, it is impossible to tell about muzhchinot.It seems to us that, on the contrary, women more modest and more are inclined to participation and association, but actually it not so.This all external, and inside the woman is not ready to it, sharply feeling the I.The woman is so arranged that stremitTeenagers want changes to have own house, a family, children – she feels all this as the.

It has no reason

Later time of the kid comes to accustom to watch house order, and him by all means will turn out if it peed or in a hut.But by then the child already so got used to feeling of the correctness and that as that it is considered by tribespeople that all its public life naturally proceeds in harmony with life of its tribe.If actions of the kid meet disapproval, he knows that adults are dissatisfied only with its separate act, instead of him as a whole therefore the kid is inclined to submit to requirements.It has no reason to be protected from adults, his loyal and wise friends, or even to have, distinct from adults, opinion.Here so there live people who follow the nature of collective animals.

The boy departs

The help can be necessary for it suddenly when clothing though it, it seems, already coped with it independently; or suddenly it will want to snuggle up, or he as though will forget to get on with friends without your help.And after that the boy suddenly makes sharp jump in development.One mother successfully called such model of growth a slingshot phenomenon.The boy departs back at a previous stage of development, and then only whistle costs! It takes off and rushes forward with the new skills and possibilities.At such retreat we should make out a signal foretelling spurt of a new stage, without hanging thus on the boy of labels of type as small or little girl mollycoddle.

The adult

Then asks to the child a question Who rescued a kozlyatok Puts on itself a hat mask of mother goat, suggesting the kid to become her kid.The mobile is led game Goat and kozlyatka.The adult shows, and the child povto different movements picks berries, pinches a grass, drinks water , hides from a wolf etc.there is a goat with children, With children kids.Kozlyatushkirebyatushki, Walk near the mother, We tasty berries will gather.Everything together a song we will sing! S.Reshchikova In conclusion of occupation the adult together with the child dance under cheerful music from the musical fairy tale A wolf and seven kids in a new way.

We wait, when

At it never can arise and thought on own ushcherbnost, especially a complex.Want to know, how pupils estimate the condition when their teacher applies sarcastic style of communication, and the sarcasm becomes the pedagogical tool The prevailing majority argues We suffer.We as prisoners we live in constant offense.We wait, when education by hands will begin.So, at sarcastic style of communication a dominating background negative emotions.The violence as all well know, does not know laughter.Zamarivaniye power hungerThe teacher with purely logic style of communication from pupils demands unconditional performance of the established rules, to trifles and with extreme accuracy watches it.

It is very

When the person clearly realizes the motives, to it time is simpler over what consequences can expect it, withhe should consider as what possibilities and dangers .In that case its spiritual development proceeds more gladto.It is very important, that young people realized that neobkho to study all life.Only then they can avoidtoo early rash choice of profession, kotothe ry can lead them up a blind alley.Age of participants since years.Duration about hour.Materials A working leaf For what I work.

Lack of such

Lack of such emotional platform leaves emptiness in heart of the boy, and it goes on searches of that, than it to fill addresses to drugs, alcohol, unlimited sex, superhard work, extreme passivity of aggression.Power of soul demands recognition among biological impulses of the teenage boy.If we concentrate only on defining borders of behavior of the son and to establish fencings, we will continue creation of callous men.We, parents, should limit behavior of the child, but this framework should be based on the base of warm proximity with sons.

And even if has it, mother

Mother counteracts As I told, and will be! The daughter, protecting own interests, it is compelled to be indignant we cry, because on logic proofs of conformity of the desire she yet did not gain experience.And even if has it, mother does not wish it to understand.What to do to the child He cries, shouts and eventually uses the most influential reception falls in a hysterics on the earth.Certainly, both lose selfcontrol, lead up itself to an extreme side.You on a personal experience know, than such fight comes to an end wins physical influence.Also crowns dispute hatred of one to another.Already the thought that negativism of the child and the adult too senseless counteraction to any intervention from the outside took roots.

Iron lattices

The problem of this fencing to solve a problem in a family, without involving in intervention authorities from the outside.Iron lattices in case of danger to or others If the child represents danger to or others, behind it roundtheclock supervision is necessary from parents or in children's special establishment.The son broke the law.Free moving should be limited.He should show serious intentions to behave respectably before to it will be returned freedom, the rights, trust and capacity.Positive spirit how to touch his soul Be it is careful, expelling the demons, and that inadvertently you can get rid of the best in yourself.

But that

Strangely enough, the majority of fabulous rich men aspire to become even richer, the people who are in power, dream to be more allpowerful, thus their languor and passionate aspiration finds a form and the direction.But that the few who reached everything or nearly everythin are compelled to live with unsatiable melancholy and thirst.They cannot understand their sources the desire of the baby constantly to be on hands at mother.Any desires and rushes lose for them meaning though until recently they sincerely believed that the whole matter is in money, glory or success.

If the puppy

Know, how good owners, having taken in the house of a brand new puppy, define, that is full or is hungry and the main thing whether overeats Put food in a pan and look.If the puppy eats and quietly departs from a pan a portion just right; if all ate, and from a pan does not depart, licks and licks means, it is poorly food; if ate left, and in a bowl the food remains means, the portion is great, it is necessary to reduce volume.Parents too often excites instead of whether too few child eats.But a scourge of our time just an overeating problem.

You pulls

The main issue tormenting father Berri, was My son the criminal Very amusing young man yes.The criminal is not present.Berri very much wanted to talk to me, but everyone some minutes it involuntarily published amusing sounds which distracted our attention from a topic of conversation.At last I did not sustain and told I know.You are an artist! He crafty looked at me No, I am not an artist.I parried I also do not say that as Rembrandt.You pulls on a stage.I saw that you drew on the house of the teacher, there very cheerful picture.

Even if the fear

The great number of men and women became victims of such behavior at the courtin being expressed in unaccountable and baseless scare before future family happiness.Even if the fear of search of the suitable partner at last is overcome, already under a wreath when time yes comes to tell, brides all cry from concern and alarm.But many and continue to change partners, without getting on with ordinary men or women and aspiring to find the ideal relations with the person more important, than they.Difficulties in search of the suitable partner are aggravated also with features of our culture, for example, the love heroes created by television, novels, magazines and advertizing.

Choose for discussion

THE GAMES TRAININGTO THE MAIN POSTULATES OF SOCIAL COMMUNICATIONLabelsChildren of more advanced age should know that our behavior in many respects depends on reaction and the relation of surrounding people.For an illustration of this statement offer group of five six children to play in the following game.Choose for discussion some hot subjects, concerning which opinions of children can disperse whether Women should serve in army, What should be the treatment of criminals after recognition of their fault.Before the discussion will begin, to each child on a forehead the label with the instruction is pasted, which other children by all means should carry out in the course of discussion, but not speak at all about it aloud.

And if the boy with

After all musically presented girl could grow on the farm where, except the TV, a radio receiver and the tape recorder is not present other sources of music as there are no also necessary conditions for manifestation and talent development.And if the boy with a fine psychomotility and coordination of movements appeared in a class of the indifferent PE teacher who would learn, what in it there lives the potential athlete And the boy szoloty hands so never also did not rise over house and school products if adults did not mark out him prizes.So, the child prodigy the phenomenon social.

And that

Edited and published on a site PRESSI HERSONKRITICHNOSTDUSHA OF THE PERSONThinkingIt the instrument of display and activity.To do serious work well, the person needs to reflect a subject of actions.And that properly it to reflect, it is necessary to comprehend it as well as what to do, understand these or those qualities and subject signs, it is necessary to use tools skillfully.And if they are not present, to create new, to expect consequences of actions which conduct to the purpose.If the subject with which the person cooperates, always has an infinite number of properties, and the thinking should capture this infinity, defining borders and measures rules of manufacturing desirable.

If Mark comes

Not to leave the Set of one while I bathe, I began to take it with myself a bath, and now we bathe together it continued.If Mark comes home and finds us behind bathin it cannot resist temptation to jump to us in a bath.And to sleep near the Set to it it is pleasant not less, than me.I with the girlfriend am engaged in printing business, and, fortunately, I had not to leave work at all.I work standing and got used that the child hangs on a religature at me on a back or on a hip.If he wants to eat, I hang up it in front.He should not cry to call me; it simply loudly snuffles and reaches for a breast.


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