But a double

But a double Therefore, when you ask your opinion concerning this or that book, the film, lecture, food, consider the answer.

What it is pleasant to you And what is not present What was in it unusualWhat was in it banal More often timid people give terse answers it is pleasant or it is not pleasant.

Few things in the world are so simple.

But a double obstacle for timid people is that they do not want to draw to themselves attention because are afraid that about them will negatively respond.

And even if they overcome this fear, they still have feeling of uncertainty that people want to hear their opinion.

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Similarly A little moving mother gives to the kid idea of life as about something boring and viscous that causes in it restlessness and fussiness signs of a lack of stimulation from mother.

It will fidget and jump up on her knees, showing the desires, or to wave a hand, suggesting mother to move quicker.

Similarly if mother treats the child as if to a fragile crystal vase, to it will seem that it such is and is.

And on the contrary, rough and discourteous treatment will allow it to feel stron hardy, able to adapt to any conditions and situations.

This feeling of fragility, weakness and vulnerability is not simply unpleasant to the child, it disturbs further development and creates problems at advanced age.

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