As option, it is possible

As option, it is possible Choose quiet time for game.

Sit down closer to rebenka also ask to keep silent, close eyes and it is attentive at to obey.

What do you hear Probably, there will pass minute, that to be adjusted on sounds round you, and you can soon distinguish a tikanye of hours, noise passed by the car, singing of a birdie, someone's whistle.

Teach the child to listen attentively and to call sounds which he learned.

As option, it is possible to listen to sounds in park, on the street.

The games including hearin help children to concentrate on one feeling hearing; to expand idea of world around; to learn to distinguish one sound from another; to look for a word for the description of that they hear; to enjoy your society.

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On the other

On the other We automatically press brakes when we see litup brake fires going ahead of the car.

These habits help us to go without failures.

On the other hand, Michael when is nervous, gnaws round nails to meat.

Jordan when it annoys, blows up and the first comer under a hand.

These habits are unripe forms of behavior and can deliver to owners many problems.

We make to the sons a huge gift when we help them to learn to show the feelings and meaningly to operate the behavior at that level of a maturity which corresponds to their age.

The understanding of laws of development of feelings will render them and to us the effective help when in adolescence testosterone will start to excite them.

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