Action of the person

Action of the person Thinking we act, operating we think.

The product created by us this mirror of thought and psychomotor processes, is a criterion of quality of your talent.

What justifies our life Action.

Created a product of actions.

Action of the person basic concept of our research of the mechanism of talent.

Except these concepts, we, dear reader, will use not only psychological, but we will borrow concepts from other sciences more precisely to display the mechanism of talent and on this basis to show it at people from the kid to the old man and to develop it.

SOUL DEVICEWe are convinced anybody from us does not know that such smothering.

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Known psychologist

Known psychologistHaving understood it, she wrote about it the book the book how to grow up children the happy.

Known psychologist John Holt told about it If there is a book which could save the world, this book before you.

These words not the exaggeration, after all all variety of the most terrible problems of mankind wars, crime, suicides; poverty, hunger, diseases; depressions, drug addiction and alcoholism; pollution and nature destruction only manifestation of internal trouble of the modern person.

And as the happiness or misfortune begin in the same place where also new life since the birth and education of the child, that, correctly treating children, we not only provide with it mental wellbeing on all life, but also we take the first and most important step to more joyful and human society organization, to the world without violence and suffering.

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If during exercise

If during exercise This exercise is best of all for carrying out in groups,long time working together, in which participants wellknow each other.

If during exercise it is impossible to leave onthe street, required subjects can be drawn and cut out.


Fopel, book SUCCESS PRICEHamlinPurposesEach of us puts energy in achievement of the purposes,including because wants to receive from it anyadvantage.

But often we do not understand advantages, whichgives us achievement of this or that purpose, and we do not reflectabout consequences.

Exercise helps young people osoz these interrelations.

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Stirring I always answered approximately so I think that does not follow to them to stir about everything that mind will climb up; but smyslenno and at the same time it is cruel to demand from them during all meal.

Stirring too , they badly eat; and if they cannot at all, to them becomes boringly, and the family dinner becomes for them burdensome that too not the best.

With the gy party, unless time of a meal does not represent fight the moment when the father can stay with the which so sees during other day a little If he loves them and is interested in them, let rummages to teach them to new things which can be are interesting to them, instead of for him; let it learns them to speak correctly, and also it is clear, exact and teresno.

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So, the child

So, the child The aspiration to profit, have benefit including material pushes the child to use power extortion threats.

The child understood each person has a secret, there are big and small sins which it persistently hides.

So, the child thinks, it is necessary about them to learn and threaten with disclosure, and then it is not necessary neither to persuade, nor to ask, neither to cajole, nor to flatter it is possible without efforts to receive everything that you wish.

Then guesses that all this can be had and under other circumstances threat, fear.

The invented, compromising data work smoothly.

And what can be more terrible than fearThe better blackmail works, the more child is fond of it.

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Language His view of the Universe and of relationship with Another inevitably changes with development in process of concept growing about time.

Therefore, concepts of representatives of different age groups are absolutely excellent from each other.

In spite of the fact that for quite some time now became fashionable to discuss different questions with children and to reflect together, between values and concepts of the child of six years and the adult of thirty years there is an insuperable abyss.

Language a little than can help with mutual understanding establishment between them.

It is interesting to notice that among language communication between adults and children is reduced to the simplest phrases of type Wait here or Submit me it.

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