It is very

It is veryWhen the person clearly realizes the motives, to it time is simpler over what consequences can expect it, withhe should consider as what possibilities and dangers .

In that case its spiritual development proceeds more gladto.

It is very important, that young people realized that neobkho to study all life.

Only then they can avoidtoo early rash choice of profession, kotothe ry can lead them up a blind alley.

Age of participants since years.

Duration about hour.

Materials A working leaf For what I work.

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Lack of such

Lack of such Lack of such emotional platform leaves emptiness in heart of the boy, and it goes on searches of that, than it to fill addresses to drugs, alcohol, unlimited sex, superhard work, extreme passivity of aggression.

Power of soul demands recognition among biological impulses of the teenage boy.

If we concentrate only on defining borders of behavior of the son and to establish fencings, we will continue creation of callous men.

We, parents, should limit behavior of the child, but this framework should be based on the base of warm proximity with sons.

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And even if has it, mother

And even if has it, motherMother counteracts As I told, and will be! The daughter, protecting own interests, it is compelled to be indignant we cry, because on logic proofs of conformity of the desire she yet did not gain experience.

And even if has it, mother does not wish it to understand.

What to do to the child He cries, shouts and eventually uses the most influential reception falls in a hysterics on the earth.

Certainly, both lose selfcontrol, lead up itself to an extreme side.

You on a personal experience know, than such fight comes to an end wins physical influence.

Also crowns dispute hatred of one to another.

Already the thought that negativism of the child and the adult too senseless counteraction to any intervention from the outside took roots.

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Iron lattices

Iron lattices The problem of this fencing to solve a problem in a family, without involving in intervention authorities from the outside.

Iron lattices in case of danger to or others If the child represents danger to or others, behind it roundtheclock supervision is necessary from parents or in children's special establishment.

The son broke the law.

Free moving should be limited.

He should show serious intentions to behave respectably before to it will be returned freedom, the rights, trust and capacity.

Positive spirit how to touch his soul Be it is careful, expelling the demons, and that inadvertently you can get rid of the best in yourself.

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But that

But that Strangely enough, the majority of fabulous rich men aspire to become even richer, the people who are in power, dream to be more allpowerful, thus their languor and passionate aspiration finds a form and the direction.

But that the few who reached everything or nearly everythin are compelled to live with unsatiable melancholy and thirst.

They cannot understand their sources the desire of the baby constantly to be on hands at mother.

Any desires and rushes lose for them meaning though until recently they sincerely believed that the whole matter is in money, glory or success.

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