As with them

As with them As with them to work at the initial stage as them to connect and m First of all, without pressure, as on the to the nature the woman very strongly feels the I.

It iskho from nature laws according to which the woman is the individual that, by the way, it is impossible to tell about muzhchinot.

It seems to us that, on the contrary, women more modest and more are inclined to participation and association, but actually it not so.

This all external, and inside the woman is not ready to it, sharply feeling the I.

The woman is so arranged that stremitTeenagers want changes to have own house, a family, children – she feels all this as the.

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It has no reason

It has no reasonLater time of the kid comes to accustom to watch house order, and him by all means will turn out if it peed or in a hut.

But by then the child already so got used to feeling of the correctness and that as that it is considered by tribespeople that all its public life naturally proceeds in harmony with life of its tribe.

If actions of the kid meet disapproval, he knows that adults are dissatisfied only with its separate act, instead of him as a whole therefore the kid is inclined to submit to requirements.

It has no reason to be protected from adults, his loyal and wise friends, or even to have, distinct from adults, opinion.

Here so there live people who follow the nature of collective animals.

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The boy departs

The boy departs The help can be necessary for it suddenly when clothing though it, it seems, already coped with it independently; or suddenly it will want to snuggle up, or he as though will forget to get on with friends without your help.

And after that the boy suddenly makes sharp jump in development.

One mother successfully called such model of growth a slingshot phenomenon.

The boy departs back at a previous stage of development, and then only whistle costs! It takes off and rushes forward with the new skills and possibilities.

At such retreat we should make out a signal foretelling spurt of a new stage, without hanging thus on the boy of labels of type as small or little girl mollycoddle.

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The adult

The adult Then asks to the child a question Who rescued a kozlyatok Puts on itself a hat mask of mother goat, suggesting the kid to become her kid.

The mobile is led game Goat and kozlyatka.

The adult shows, and the child povto different movements picks berries, pinches a grass, drinks water , hides from a wolf etc.

there is a goat with children, With children kids.

Kozlyatushkirebyatushki, Walk near the mother, We tasty berries will gather.

Everything together a song we will sing! S.

Reshchikova In conclusion of occupation the adult together with the child dance under cheerful music from the musical fairy tale A wolf and seven kids in a new way.

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We wait, when

We wait, when At it never can arise and thought on own ushcherbnost, especially a complex.

Want to know, how pupils estimate the condition when their teacher applies sarcastic style of communication, and the sarcasm becomes the pedagogical tool The prevailing majority argues We suffer.

We as prisoners we live in constant offense.

We wait, when education by hands will begin.

So, at sarcastic style of communication a dominating background negative emotions.

The violence as all well know, does not know laughter.

Zamarivaniye power hungerThe teacher with purely logic style of communication from pupils demands unconditional performance of the established rules, to trifles and with extreme accuracy watches it.

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