I brought

I brought She wanted, that I issued a room in green tones.

I was rushed off the feet, but found green wallpaper, carpets, textiles.

I brought home on is exemplary that, another and the third that Linda herself chose that is pleasant to it more.

As a result at us the remarkable room turned out, Linda's all friends were delighted simply.

As it became clear later, behind complaints of the daughter this woman could not catch five main words I do not want to be adult.

I almost did not hear it and thought only of what Linda appeared ungrateful.

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And it is possible

And it is possible You can find advertizing of such cartridges in any issue of the magazine of Psychology Today from which parents in general can gather a lot of the useful.

And it is possible to manage and without these cartridges.

It is rather convenient to set the child, to ask it to close eyes and a quiet, pacifying voice to tell about how the soft wave of a relaxation passes through all his body, through all his muscles, consistently calling each part of a body feet, hands, back, shoulders, person etc.

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The child

The child The child is with satisfaction arranged on a bend of a parent hand and fills up.

Composition on life of the modern African village The communication described above between mother and the baby is so strong that, it is necessary to the child to move or in a special way, mother already knows that it is necessary for it.

This sketch describes close proximity in which modern parents are difficult for believing.

But the boy needs such degree of proximity with mother or the father to raise and blossom.

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And. Ulyanov

And. Ulyanov Simply, thus, it changes the approach to life.

He decides that at it is not present exit that such is life that it such as it is that so it is influenced by its environment, etc.

To all these conclusions it comes itself.

And it is good! It is embodied at it vnurub as a result of its life experience.


Ulyanov I would like, that we looked at one more the clip about that other children tell, what changes occurred to them after discussion.

clip Teacher I want to remind that in process on shy discussion two opinions were expressed.

One – Teenagers want changesabout that the person should have as much as possible money, and the second – that money is necessary exactly so much, to satisfy the pressing needs, not it is more.

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Feelings The feeling naturally reaches the culmination, peak, from where it starts to weaken, then enters into a zone of clear vision.

The zone of clear vision allows to get into an essence of the problem which has become the reason of feeling.

Feeling interruption by a method of derivation or it on pressure at the expense of fear or a consciousness of the guilt leads to emergence of emotional and physical frustration see the following section.

Feelings represent the internal, hidden work of soul and do not demand movements.

The behavior is not connected with feelings directly.

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