Such dual

Such dual With a certain age this obsession passes, and teenagers start to realize that the majority of people not only do not watch them, but them at all does not excite that you do, think and feel.

Understanding of it reduces shyness level, though offends to everyone in soul the narcissism, would be desirable for everyone, that to it paid attention.

Such dual look is often observed among timid children and adults I would like to be the focus of attention, would like, that people paid to me attention, but I do not want, that me estimated or rejected.

AS IT IS IMPORTANT TO BE POPULARPopularity at school it everything.

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I though

I though friend Anal Connie from Myrtle Bich, the State of North Carolina, trains year after year teams of girls of high schools for competitions on track and field athletics.

Boys always dangle nearby.

He speaks Many of them not so such hooligans as seem.

They look for a role, they play a role, but actually they only approach to you and speak faugh!.

As soon as I understood it, I simply began to speakOkholon, guy! also it is sensitive them I tease.

I though resolute, but kind, and this main thing.

To teenage boys to whom I talked, it is necessary to struggle with different feelings including anger.

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It is important, that

It is important, that In the course of clothing the adult accents a voice and intonatsiit This shirt we will put on Sascha, and this skirt we will put on Masha.

It is important, that as a result of repetitions the child understood that someone dress, and something put on.

Occupation WHOSE CHILDREN The adult shows to the child of the picture with images zhithe wadded cats, doggies, kid, cow.

The child calls zhiwadded, guessin they publish what sounds.

Then adult predla to play in game Whose children, when it is necessary to pick up to pictures animals adults the pictures representing their cubs.

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But there is a question

But there is a question Soon after it improves To sit, went, it is impossible, not ! Further more imperiously I demand! I order! To be silent!You will tell can, it is a question of the rough and illbred child.

Perhaps it is situational, and consequently shortterm reaction, accident No.

Such behavior highlights the deep acquired essence of the child.

But there is a question what reasons push on such behavior That the child such actions if they contradict another's willHe purposely meaningly acts and in own favor.

Why Because aspires to satisfy needs for selfaffirmation.

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If you are not sure

If you are not sureHowever hardly exists on the earth though one person who though time stood and quietly looked at how offend his son or the daughter.

Before undertaking any actions, be convinced that really unfairly offended your child.

If you are not sure of it, provide to him to solve the problems.

Otherwise he will get used to that you are engaged in its problems, or will subconsciously consider that it is not capable to consult with one task.

We want, that our children were selfassured, independent and independent.

READINESS TO RUN RISKSOne of ways of fight against children's shyness consists in that something to occupy the child, to find to it any compensating occupation which would promote increase of his selfconfidence through success which he could achieve for example, try to write down it in music school, in dancing school, on gymnastics, dressmaking lessons etc.

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