Similarly A little moving mother gives to the kid idea of life as about something boring and viscous that causes in it restlessness and fussiness signs of a lack of stimulation from mother.

It will fidget and jump up on her knees, showing the desires, or to wave a hand, suggesting mother to move quicker.

Similarly if mother treats the child as if to a fragile crystal vase, to it will seem that it such is and is.

And on the contrary, rough and discourteous treatment will allow it to feel stron hardy, able to adapt to any conditions and situations.

This feeling of fragility, weakness and vulnerability is not simply unpleasant to the child, it disturbs further development and creates problems at advanced age.

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After all actually

After all actuallyBut, probably, you should undertake more serious steps.

It is necessary to change a view of the timid child of world around by means of socalled informative restructuring.

The child should not think that the whole world consists of critics who, like sharks, only and do that wait for any careless step from its party.

After all actually round us million people it would be very pleasant to them to get acquainted and make friends with it who would like to share with it pleasure of life, but it does not give them uniform chance.

It is impossible to lose pleasure to swim for a while in the lake if you know that somewhere away sharks are found in the ocean!It is necessary, that the child understood that every cloud has a silver lining and that first of all he saw after all good, instead of poorly.

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You, as usual, speak

You, as usual, speak For example, speak Give you there will be parovoziky, and I a carriage.

Thatthat, went! It is possible, the kid slightly and will rebel, but for a long time it will not suffice new razvlekalochka! as it is healthy! I do not want home!You do not deprive of the child of interesting game,you offer replacement and too interesting so why to it to resist And still.

You, as usual, speak business tova Vanechka, we will go home!, and Vanechka does not wishMeans, for a start these words are better for passing in general.

If the child went to game with the head, join in game andyou.

To Pofyrchita as , also stretch to the kidcorbel or scarf, offer Cling rather, went,the carriage, that is thatthat.

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Tequi. it is a question

Tequi. it is a questionOn a question whether is politeness virtue, Mr.

Paul Arshambol answers the following Yes, and if to speak more precisely, it is a meeting or set virtues, namely personal advantage, in abstention from such words and acts, which little by little lead to low feelings and to low things; respect for the old man, teacher, to the benefactor that testifies to what they possess vechesky greatness; philanthrophies, Quote at Pradel in U Education de la politesse, p.



it is a question of relieving ours it from all inconveniences or vain vaniye; humility when it is necessary to rise on the place and to remain on it, without imposing the stviye, neither plans, nor preferences Though modern life also aspires similar warm sensitivity, in politeness and respect, parents should vigilantly to watch that it became which for their children.

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And always

And always As then it became clear, the girl teased it the cripple.

The boy really was a disabled person, it had problems with feet.

Though it certainly also should not beat the girl, however he can be understood.

Therefore before punishing the child, take an interest at it why it broke one of your rules.

And always specify circumstances sometimes softening each concrete situation.

Perhaps, your child was inattentive at a lesson as ahead of time carried out a task and to it it was simple boringly Timid people too are inclined to underestimate or even completely to ignore value of circumstances and their influence on behavior of the person.

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