One are afraid

One are afraidIn psychiatry shyness is considered the social phobia which main manifestations are the constant irrational fear and desire in any way to avoid situations, in which the person is exposed to close attention from people around.

Sometimes the shy and timid behavior is dictated by fear to cause inconvenience to another, to lead so that the interlocutor can feel humiliated or offended.

One are afraid of spiders or snakes, others are frightened by height and planes.

At presence of dangerous object, the concern rises a wave in the person and threatens to overflow it with the head if it does not find a secret way out and will not run out through it.

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Do not do of food

Do not do of food Also answer this recognition.

How As at lovers Zaryana and Nina Nekrasova.

What to do, if.


As answered, when it was very absolutely small.

But it is already separate conversation about unconditional love which is above all necessary to our children.

Do not do of food a cult! It told, how you remember, the great adventurer of Bendery, but such words can be hung out in each house where there lives the unappetizing child.

Harmfully it is usefulWhen children have stomachs and companies is do not want, then at once parents come to the rescue of them.

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Remember that, perhaps, it costed

Remember that, perhaps, it costed If you are invited not nice to you by the person, you are not obliged to accept the invitation not so.

But, refusin you should be polite.

Remember that, perhaps, it costed to it considerable efforts.

COUNCILS FOR FIRSTYEAR STUDENTSBesides that your main objective is good study and the successful termination of institute, there is time to think that else useful it is possible to take from this time.

Namely, as study in college can help to overcome your shyness and to develop skills of communication.

Within these fourfive years at you will be much more possibilities for improvement of skills of communication, than during any other period of your life.

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For timid

For timidI very seriously treat that I do he told but I do not perceive seriously myself.

In this case we deal with an antithesis of the motto proclaimed by any timid person I cannot seriously treat that I do as I too seriously treat myself.

For timid people it is very difficult to concentrate completely on any task, after all they always to itself.

Therefore the majority of them is not capable to enjoy really game, dance, performance, any other occupation.

While other people are completely dissolved in the events as participants or as the audience, timid people are more anxious with impression which they make on people around.

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Emotional However, instead of denying them, it is necessary to reconsider anew the life and to find new possibilities of overcoming of difficulties which we should face.

Having released from restrictions of own feelings, we as parents, we can help to enter the into a maturity, having kept in inviolability reliable system of internal management.

Emotional lifesaver The emotional lifesaver will help us to isolate, what emotions are tested by our sons and that they actually want.

Feelings the true and covering form two ends of this stick.

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