CommunicationBesides, the regular or single use of drugs becomes an obstacle to social contacts always.

Communication with agemates so important for normal psychological development of the teenager that it is possible to tell with full confidence the teenager without friends the problem teenager needing the professional help.

Pupils of the senior classes among whom we carried out the researches, told that their many acquaintances were ready to go absolutely on everything to get to themselves popularity among schoolmates.

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Thereby Personally I, as a rule, accepted opinion of the tutor.

And though it seems to the child that the tutor is wron unfair, and in general occurring in group to it it not to be pleasant to a neck, the exit is not present – as the parent I it should be solidary with group and the tutor and only so to operate.

Therefore we should bring up parents, that they were well informed.

Thereby we receive the double prize, bringing up as well parents.

So occurs in all societies.


In what measure I give the daughter or the son in educational systeml m There is no such! Well, if only he does not study in in.

For example, my son lived in a boarding school and came to my time in two weeks.

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To them becomes

To them becomes And so children naturally it will be sucked in , they will create the correct understanding of complexity world, integrated dependence of all its parts.

To them becomes it is clear that if the whole world works for one person, and the person should make the contribution to the general.

They simply will be to see that behind each our simplest action, as, for example, to buy something in shop or to drink a cup of coffee in the cafe, costs work of a set of systems.


Instead of bringing up them as consume tel, you offer much wider approach.

m Such approach correctly adjusts the person on to the relation to the world.

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Thus, generally

Thus, generally Thus, generally the addict suffers from refusal of heroin counter to furious requirements of an organism, contrary to pain and intolerable tortures of withdrawal pains anew to receive high.

He knows in advance that sooner or later it again should pass through seven circles of a hell, but it at all does not frighten off it.

But why If they can get rid of the dependence, why again to get used to drug What is this high, than it is so attractive, what even simply memories of it compel hundreds thousands people to refuse dru again to get used, play with death, to steal, be engaged in prostitution, to desert the house and a family and everythin what to them was expensiveIn my opinion, this fatal bent for to high did not understand up to the end.

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In a pursuit

In a pursuitIn a pursuit of this nezamutnenny feeling of own life, takovost of all surroundin perception of the world without necessity of a choice and comparisons such what it is, the person thought up rituals and systems by means of which it is possible to stop thinking process.

He invented ways how to bridle continuous gallop of thoughts, to plunge into the world and it is simple to be.

The person began to train the consciousness by means of concentration on feeling of the emptiness, any subject or a word, a prayer or exercise.

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