If the puppy

If the puppy Know, how good owners, having taken in the house of a brand new puppy, define, that is full or is hungry and the main thing whether overeats Put food in a pan and look.

If the puppy eats and quietly departs from a pan a portion just right; if all ate, and from a pan does not depart, licks and licks means, it is poorly food; if ate left, and in a bowl the food remains means, the portion is great, it is necessary to reduce volume.

Parents too often excites instead of whether too few child eats.

But a scourge of our time just an overeating problem.

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You pulls

You pulls The main issue tormenting father Berri, was My son the criminal Very amusing young man yes.

The criminal is not present.

Berri very much wanted to talk to me, but everyone some minutes it involuntarily published amusing sounds which distracted our attention from a topic of conversation.

At last I did not sustain and told I know.

You are an artist! He crafty looked at me No, I am not an artist.

I parried I also do not say that as Rembrandt.

You pulls on a stage.

I saw that you drew on the house of the teacher, there very cheerful picture.

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Even if the fear

Even if the fearThe great number of men and women became victims of such behavior at the courtin being expressed in unaccountable and baseless scare before future family happiness.

Even if the fear of search of the suitable partner at last is overcome, already under a wreath when time yes comes to tell, brides all cry from concern and alarm.

But many and continue to change partners, without getting on with ordinary men or women and aspiring to find the ideal relations with the person more important, than they.

Difficulties in search of the suitable partner are aggravated also with features of our culture, for example, the love heroes created by television, novels, magazines and advertizing.

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Choose for discussion

Choose for discussionTHE GAMES TRAININGTO THE MAIN POSTULATES OF SOCIAL COMMUNICATIONLabelsChildren of more advanced age should know that our behavior in many respects depends on reaction and the relation of surrounding people.

For an illustration of this statement offer group of five six children to play in the following game.

Choose for discussion some hot subjects, concerning which opinions of children can disperse whether Women should serve in army, What should be the treatment of criminals after recognition of their fault.

Before the discussion will begin, to each child on a forehead the label with the instruction is pasted, which other children by all means should carry out in the course of discussion, but not speak at all about it aloud.

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And if the boy with

And if the boy withAfter all musically presented girl could grow on the farm where, except the TV, a radio receiver and the tape recorder is not present other sources of music as there are no also necessary conditions for manifestation and talent development.

And if the boy with a fine psychomotility and coordination of movements appeared in a class of the indifferent PE teacher who would learn, what in it there lives the potential athlete And the boy szoloty hands so never also did not rise over house and school products if adults did not mark out him prizes.

So, the child prodigy the phenomenon social.

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