Language His view of the Universe and of relationship with Another inevitably changes with development in process of concept growing about time.

Therefore, concepts of representatives of different age groups are absolutely excellent from each other.

In spite of the fact that for quite some time now became fashionable to discuss different questions with children and to reflect together, between values and concepts of the child of six years and the adult of thirty years there is an insuperable abyss.

Language a little than can help with mutual understanding establishment between them.

It is interesting to notice that among language communication between adults and children is reduced to the simplest phrases of type Wait here or Submit me it.

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Thus, in what

Thus, in what And ideas and crushed this grant are based on the knowledge received from mnogy sources as, in our opinion, is not present any about grams of development of the identity of the child which would contain gotovy solutions of all problems.

Authors give the description of approximate occupations with the kid of the house in an everyday life.

We think that an offered material on can find to parents positive approaches to development konkretno their child.

Thus, in what direction will go development the child, depends on adults rather from their relation to it to actions.

And active participation of adults in education the child it is not obligatory intervention and control.

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And the child

And the child Yielding to force this habit, the child affects its basis and in communication with the teacher, adults, with friends; with a class, with society.

What turns out, conscience of the person becomes less sensitiveNo, not so; conscience becomes less.

And whether the child knows, what his actions are immoral Knows.

But feelings intellectual, moral and esthetic at it are weak, and the habit eating emotions to immoral actions is stronger.

And the child uses cunnin the habit gradually gets the best.

BlackmailNothing occurs without intention, without the purpose.

Absence of desire to work, study, something to do because does not suffice on the one hand, and with another not less strong desire of pleasure.

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The hospital

The hospital One of them as it was described earlier, this neutralized action, comparable with that effect which has punishment for simplification of intolerable sense of guilt.

At the moments of a special need in emotional support the continuum can cause in us the physical disease meaning that others will assume care of the patient, leaving and care which is difficult for receiving to the healthy adult.

This leaving can carry out as members of the family, friends, and hospital.

The hospital though seems something faceless, actually puts the patient in position of the child.

It can be the personnel or treat in the old manner, however the hospital assumes responsibility for feedin and also makes for it all decisions that is so similar to the relation to it in due time indifferent mother.

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You canto

You canto This very fascinating exercise.

You canto enrich it if will give teenagers opportunity syghost of this or that of the guests.

Other teenager should insuch case to play a host role.

It on not only it is better to participants to understand and feel Wad Dra gy but also to communicate to the celebrated personality and, maybe,to borrow some of its fig.

Working leafTea togetherImagine that you have seven coupons, on which youyou can pay a dinner for two at any restaurant of the world.

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